Early Childhood Education

The second year of life is a time of rapid overall growth. Our curriculum is designed to nurture all aspects of development during this critical time as children establish a foundation for learning. The children’s receptive and expressive language skills are enhanced through the use of finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, discussions, and literature, while students are exposed to the math continuum through sorting, comparing, and ordering. Each child’s emotional and social intelligence is stimulated through lessons about self, home, family, and community, as well as through positive interactions with peers and adults. Children will also have the chance to experience creative self expression as they participate in spontaneous play and tap into their imaginations with fun crafts and art projects. To view our curriculum click here


Early Education

As children enter their 3rd year they display a heightened level of curiosity towards their environment due to cognitive and physical growth. At this age curriculum focuses on building on language skills with finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, discussions, and story-telling exercises that engage student’s imagination. During math continuum activities and science lessons children participate in fun sorting and comparing activities and learn about weights and measurements, changes of matter and even healthy eating habits. Art curriculum for three year olds encourages imaginative expression and exploration of personal choice. Crafts utilizing pencils, crayons and scissors also help develop fine motor skills while outdoor play on bikes and the developmentally stimulating playground promote positive physical health. To view our curriculum click here


Preschool Programs

The four-year-old academic year is critical in the preparation for kindergarten readiness. The goals for pre-kindergarten development address the whole child, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Children are made to feel confident in their knowledge of various subjects including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, handwriting is enhanced through the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum that introduces simple, developmentally based exercises to make handwriting an automatic, natural process. Math continuum continues to be built upon in the pre-kindergarten class. To view our curriculum click here


Preschool Curriculum

The Accelerated Pre-Kindergarten Class is designed for pre-kindergarten students who are enrolled in our five day program. This class moves at a quick pace and is a great choice for children who are already very familiar with the alphabet and are ready for the beginning stages of reading. Children will be introduced to word ending sounds, medial sounds, and some basic blends of letters. Math continuum is also heavily emphasized in this program and involves activities that demonstrate the concepts of more and fewer, sequencing, graphing, and word problems. To view our curriculum click here


Danville Schools

The Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten class is a great transitional step between preschool and public or elementary schools. In this class children are tasked with a more academic approach than their previous years and cross the threshold of a home-focused curriculum to one that emphasizes cooperative socialization with their peers. As five-year-olds, children experience a new sense of independence as they take on various academic projects including the fundamentals on reading and print with the McGraw Hill Reading for Kindergarten textbooks. In addition, handwriting is also strengthened with the proven workbook, Handwriting Without Tears. Students will also use various other textbooks and excerpts to build on math, history, and science knowledge in a similar style to elementary level classes but at an appropriate pace. In a fun and encouraging learning environment, children will be challenged with material and social interactions that will prep them for their transition to a new school and master the benchmarks of a preschool graduate. To view our curriculum click here


Acorn Learning Center

The after school care is available for children from ages 5-8 to provide additional activities and supervision for children after the regular elementary school day has finished. As a convenience to parents, Acorn Learning Center offers to pick up children enrolled in the program from the nearby elementary schools – Green Valley Elementary and Vista Grande Elementary. During the after school program children enjoy participating in a vast array of activities that are fun, encourage socialization, and build on skills learned during their normal school day. Such activities include scheduled crafts, science and cooking projects, journaling,  math continuum activities, outside play and homework time where students can receive guidance on any take home projects that they have been assigned. To view our curriculum click here