Health and Safety

Acorn Learning Center ensures your child’s health and safety through the following methods:

– Our buildings are secured with keypad locks so that only authorized staff and families may enter.

– Only pre-approved people may pick up your child after presenting a valid photo ID.

– All Acorn staff must pass a rigorous FBI fingerprint check and medical exam before they may work in the center.

– We prepare for emergencies. We practice fire drills regularly and have an emergency evacuation plan at each center. In addition, our centers are equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and numerous fire sprinklers.

– Many of our staff and teachers are trained in first aid and CPR to provide quick and professional medical assistance in an emergency.

– We have strict policies for administering medications to students. We require a doctor’s note for any medication, including prescription and over the counter. All medicine is stored safely away from children.

– All Acorn centers are cleaned daily with safe nontoxic products, and cleaning supplies are locked out of reach of children.

– Children are reminded to wash their hands throughout the day. When a child becomes ill at school parents are notified and asked to pick up the child within an hour to minimize the spread of disease. We make every effort to remove a sick child from the classroom environment for their own benefit, and for the health of classmates.