Acorn Learning Center

The Acorn Learning Center programs carefully assesses the developmental stages of the early childhood years and delivers appropriate curriculum to fully engage and challenge each child. Educationally qualified and experienced teachers provide a warm and stimulating environment to encourage each child to reach their full potential.

Each classroom provides a varied, age appropriate curriculum that is designed to foster each child’s critical thinking, social, and motor skills through fun and interactive experiences that create life-long learners.

Math Continuum

Acorn uses the math continuum approach for children ages two through five. This program builds on specific experiences in the classroom including using words and material that are familiar to the children in terms of previous knowledge, community and cultural significance. Teachers make math learning fun and interactive, while crossing into other areas of learning such as literacy, art, music and psycho-motor education.

I. Free Exploration

II. Spatial Relationships

III. Classification

IV. Patterning

V. One to One Correspondence

VI. Ordering

VII. Numeration 1-5

VIII. Shapes

IX. Numeration 6-10

X. Fractions

XI. Measurement

XII. Time/Money

XIII. Numeration to 100

Language, Reading and Writing Programs

To introduce children to the alphabet, concepts of print, and reading behaviors we will use McGraw Hill Reading for Kindergarten in the Jr. K/Kindergarten class. The children will learn about the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and beginning reading concepts. To engage the children in writing and critical thinking activities, the children will keep a journal based on the theme of the week or question of the day.

 “Handwriting Without Tears” is a developmentally based curriculum designed to teach children of all abilities. The purpose of the program is to make handwriting an automatic, natural enjoyable process for our Pre-K, Accelerated Pre-K, and Jr. K/Kindergarten students. This program will nurture the whole child with playing, singing, moving, talking and thinking activities.

Enrichment Programs and Onsite Field Trips

Acorn Learning Center offers a variety of enrichment experiences throughout the year. These experiences differ from school to school but can include science exploration through bubble play, math and themed enrichment through puppet shows, visiting reptiles, and various creatures.

Acorn Learning Center

Music Program

Studies have shown that music education is not just a fun experience for young children, but one that benefits them as they learn in other subjects and has been suggested to result in higher IQ’s and test scores. Music education is unique in that it encourages students to utilize different skillsets simultaneously, for example clapping in rhythm while singing, training the brain to think differently and improving spatial-temporal skills.

Acorn’s music teacher, Carmen Trefil, brings to the classroom an outstanding range of experience including a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, four years of Kodaly training in music education, and over 20 years’ experience in early childhood music. She visits Acorn students on a weekly basis and engages each class in age appropriate music lessons that are designed to foster a life-long love of music while using a combination of proven early childhood teaching methods of Kodaly and Orff. Carmen’s programs teach students fundamental musical skills and help them realize their potential through a fun and exciting learning experience.

While participating in Carmen’s music curriculum children will learn to sing and develop their vocal abilities, about the origins of music styles from around the world, to play instruments, develop a musical vocabulary, and much more.

Go to our blog to view of video of Ms. Carmen working with Acorn students.

Science Program

With the introduction and implementation of California’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Acorn Learning Center is introducing an enhanced dynamic science program “Science: A Closer Look” in addition to our daily science experiences. Engaging, hands-on and interactive learning activities in the areas of:

  • Physical Sciences: early concepts in physics / properties, characteristics and changes of nonliving objects and materials
  • Life Sciences: early concepts in biology / properties, characteristics and changes of living things
  • Earth Sciences: early concepts related to earth / properties, characteristics and changes of earth materials and objects
  • Scientific Inquiry: skills in observation, investigation, classification, comparing, and predicting

These scientific hallmarks will provide essential foundations in the educational areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Go to our blog to view a video of our Science teacher working with Acorn students.

Spanish Program 

Spanish is taught as part of the weekly curriculum in all of the classes (ages 2-5). Children will learn common courtesy phrases, colors, shapes numbers, days of the week, months of the year, animal names and basic vocabulary through the use of music, books, visual aids, and interactive games. This program is integrated into the children’s established curriculum to provide diversity in the learning experience.

We are a Bucket Filling School!

As part of our social/emotional curriculum we are proud to be a Bucket Filling School based on the book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” As the book describes, everyone has an invisible bucket and it holds all of our good thoughts and feelings. To fill a bucket, children must show kindness in their words and actions to others. Sometimes we encounter bucket dippers who try to take away our good feelings. We will talk about how to keep a lid on our bucket and how to show kindness to fill buckets. Check out for more information!


Each child’s developmental progression is monitored through the use of portfolios. Each child’s primary teacher works with the student to prepare a portfolio over the course of the school year. The portfolio includes documentation of early literacy, art samples, math activities which may consist of sequencing and patterning, and fundamental science concepts. In addition, the portfolio will showcase observations, photographs, and anecdotal notes detailing each child’s progress.

The portfolio is available for parents to view at anytime over the course of the year. The portfolio is a wonderful self-esteem builder and helps to reinforce concepts and themes covered throughout the school year. During parent-and-teacher conferences the portfolio is also used is as a point of discussion and serves as a great keepsake which goes home with your child at the end of the year.