Music Education with Ms. Carmen

For many Acorn students, music lessons with Ms. Carmen is their favorite day of the week. Clapping in rhythm while singing songs, holding a violin for the first time, and identifying instruments by sound are just some of the reasons our preschoolers eagerly hurry to sit down in circle for Ms. Carmen.

At Acorn we incorporate these fun exercises into our curriculum not only because of the smiles that it brings to the faces of our young students, but also because of the immense benefit that music education brings to preschooolers. According to Frances Rauscher, PhD “Music lessons have been shown to improve a child’s performance in school. After eight months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers tested showed a 46% boost in their spatial IQ, which is crucial for higher brain functions such as complex mathematics.”

Want to see our Music Education program from the eyes of Acorn students? Check out the video snippet below.





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