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In the month of May the two and three year old children will learn songs about insects, like ladybugs and butterflies. We will listen and identify the sound of bees and imitate them vocally and learn a song about honeybees. The children will be playing scrapers and will be using these instruments to accent the […]

We had a lot of fun celebrating Week of the Young Child with our students and one of the greatest highlights was getting to see a performance by Sandi and Stevie on insects! This educational show got even our youngest learners involved and left a lasting impression. Click above to view a video from Sandi […]

For many Acorn students, music lessons with Ms. Carmen is their favorite day of the week. Clapping in rhythm while singing songs, holding a violin for the first time, and identifying instruments by sound are just some of the reasons our preschoolers eagerly hurry to sit down in circle for Ms. Carmen. At Acorn we incorporate these fun exercises into our […]