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Our Programs

2 Year Old

The second year of life is a time of rapid overall growth. Our curriculum is designed to nurture all aspects of development during this critical time as children establish a foundation for learning. The children’s receptive and expressive language skills are

3 Year Old

As children enter their 3rd year they display a heightened level of curiosity towards their environment due to cognitive and physical growth. At this age curriculum focuses on building on language skills with finger-plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, discussions, and

4 Year Old/Pre-K

The four-year-old academic year is critical in the preparation for kindergarten readiness. The goals for pre-kindergarten development address the whole child, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Children are made to feel confident in their knowledge of

Accelerated Pre-K

The Accelerated Pre-Kindergarten class is designed for pre-kindergarten students who are enrolled in our five day program. This class moves at a quick pace and is a great choice for children who are already very familiar with the alphabet and are ready for the beginning

Junior Kindergarten/K

The Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten class is a great transitional step between preschool and public or elementary schools. In this class children are tasked with a more academic approach than their previous years and cross the threshold of a

Afterschool Care

The afterschool care is available for children from ages 5-8 to provide additional activities and supervision for children after the regular elementary school day has finished. As a convenience to parents, Acorn Learning Center offers to pick up

Happy Parents
  • "I have been a very satisfied customer of Acorn for the past six years. The staff has been phenomenal – caring, nurturing, and accommodating. Both of my children were well prepared to attend kindergarten with the excellent education that they received from Acorn. I would highly recommend Acorn to anyone looking for a preschool in the area."

    — Trisa Kent

  • "Acorn Learning Center’s teachers and administrators are everything we could ask for in a school – they are informative, welcoming, and accommodating. Our first son was an extremely shy and timid boy when he started school, and my husband and I have both noticed and positive and mature change in him since starting at Acorn. I am forever grateful to the teachers that he has had the pleasure to work with."

    — Eddie and Nenette Rago